Julie’s Voice Studio

Julie maintains a private voice studio in the Milwaukee-area. While she works primarily with middle-school and high-school students pursuing musical theater, she has also worked with more mature singers of varying musical interests.

How Lessons Operate

We begin with Warmup/Vocalises, which introduce and enforce healthy vocal and breathing techniques. Our goal is to free the body of the tensions that inhibit the body from creating a clear and productive sounds. The techniques are then applied to the student’s music. After the singing is in place, usually some time is spent making sure the character of the piece is imbued into the music.


Julie approaches each student as an individual with their own distinctive instrument. She understands each singer’s journey towards healthy singing is a unique developmental process. She operates with the belief that a healthy production of sound should be used in any and all styles of singing. Julie uses a dynamic approach that reinforces the technical principles necessary to produce an unencumbered voice. Breath control and resonance guide the singer towards the ability to be vocally flexible, and Julie’s classical background facilitates teaching those foundational ideals. Her teaching style allows her students to be able to repeat on their own what was taught in the lesson, which continues the teaching process outside of the studio.

Repertoire Selection

Julie will select the majority of the repertoire for her students. She takes into account age, type, level of appropriateness, technical ability, and developmental tract to make the decision. While high school musicals can sometimes push students towards repertoire they wouldn’t normally perform for their age, Julie makes sure that the music done with her input reinforces the student’s developmental trajectory. It is important to note that Julie firmly believes that classical technique/approach is the basis for healthy singing. So, even if the student is only interested in singing musical theater, songs of a more classical nature are used as part of her studio curriculum.

Audition Prep

Auditioning is an art! If Julie’s student is auditioning for their high school musical, local community production, or college audition, she applies her professional knowledge as a singer/performer to ensure the student feels comfortable walking into any audition space.